Terms & Conditions


Shipping Information

In stock items and samples ship within 24 hours Monday-Friday. Weekend orders will be processed asap during normal business hours. 

For shipping when extreme heat or cold is a factor: USPS Priority mail is 2-3 days transit time, but not guaranteed delivery time.

For extreme heat or cold, we recommend 1 day shipping (1 day in transit, ships Monday-Thursday only).

There are cap plugs in the bottles that are a reliable heavy duty seal and will prevent leaking and exposure unless they are truly mishandled in shipping.

Out of stock items will ship as soon as supply is replenished.

Shipping outside the US- please contact us for rates.

Signing for Deliveries

Because solution can be affected by weather, we suggest delivery to a home or business address where someone is available to accept delivery during business hours. Customers are responsible to have someone at the delivery address to sign for and accept the delivery.


There are NO RETURNS on any spray tanning solutions, concentrate, or retail products.  Double check your cart before checking out.

Goods Damaged Due to Shipping- Solutions are shipping in new condition. Should you receive damaged products, please take a photo and contact us immediately.

Product Life

Like most solutions, the product should be fine for at least 90 days(give or take depending on storage) after opening.

This is better quality solution, so it will last longer in general. I will guarantee it for 90 days from purchase opened.

I am using the solution too, so it's going to have a healthy turnover rate and won't be sitting here on a shelf.

THE PCR Herbal Concentrate has a 90 day guarantee. You should store that in the fridge and infuse with your carrier as soon as possible. Shake it well before hand and shake solutions and concentrate often. Natural separation is normal with the hydrosol- I tried to keep preservative use as low as possible so temporary separation may occur.


This is going to be a company I will be growing with more products and lines, so it will be both consistent (you will always be informed in real time of any changes coming) and constantly changing (in good ways)- I commit to always sell the solution only to professionals(so you won't ever see it on Amazon from major general markets like that and orders online will be double checked to ensure the person ordering has proper qualifications). I am the only US distributor of the lines and the only one who has them ( the Gemma line is actually my formulation from scratch).

I hope to have the issue of needing a bigger platform to sell the line to pros, but for now they will come from me directly. I want to grow in a way that is authentic and supports exclusivity to the users.

I am acutely aware of the importance of having reliable and timely solution distributors who care.

Use Janet Dorothy products at your own risk.