Janet + Dorothy are the names of my grandmothers - two total badasses. They rule my world.

I have been spray tanning full time in my salon, Shade & Seeker Beauty Studio (fka Shade Sunless Tanning Co) for over 4 years and in the industry for over 6. I completed esthetics training at the Aveda Institute in 2008.

I am passionate about this industry and I am IN this industry, tanning clients day in and day out, troubleshooting, and trying my best to up the standards that have been low for too long when it comes to spray tanning.

Solution options are vast, but most of us don't know where to start and therefore default to using the most well known out there,or what our sales rep (who many times isn't a spray tanner or using the product) in fear of wasting money or screwing up a client. I get it - I have been there. Repeatedly.

Danielle LaPorte says 1. Even wasted money has a return. You make expensive mistakes. You blow your cash on dumb stuff. But it’s all a paid-for education, and there’s usually someone on the other end who is benefiting, learning, prospering.

I have spent the past two years trying every solution I could find within the US and internationally. I know I have a great scope on what's out there.I know a lot of solutions didn't work for me and I was clear on why they failed in my eyes. I "wasted" the money for the education I have.

Like Janet and Dorothy, I have opinions about things. This is where you can read more of them.

So, armed with education, experience, and a shelf of samples (some of which were great-I learned a lot from them too), we both get to benefit.


What if I ...


As professionals, we know that providing a great spray tan is only the beginning.

There are 8, 12, and for some, 24 hours of time after the client walks out of our salon that can completely alter our work and diligence.

They cant get wet, they can't sweat, they can't smudge, they can't touch.

Do we let go and let g-d here? We can't, because if it doesn't turn out flawlessly, we are on the hook to fix it.

It's such an anxiety producing time, no matter how great and diligent the client.

The other issue was that we all can't keep 20 different solutions in stock the way we can keep 20 different foundation bases for makeup clients. But everyone has different skin tones that require the variety.

There had to be a middle ground, and there had to be more versatility within the solutions in the cabinet.

USA made…

 The Gemma line brings all that versatility in a premium line I call a "rapid non rapid"- rinse it at 2-4 hours and it will come out as more closely to as mixed color, not time on skin dependent. It is made in the USA and doesn't contain erythrulose. Some people care about that.

I love the line as is, but I will be working to add more goodies to it that I deem useful (anti-aging ingredients are great, but getting a spray tan once a week is not going to have a real effect on your wrinkles. Moisturizers and quick skin tighteners, however, will have an immediate effect are are less catchy but more important- our CBD infusion will address these things!).

And here we are....

There's more to come. And everything is a work in progress- I will not be complacent with solutions I put my grandmothers' names on. They would be SO pissed.

Janet+Dorothy is for professionals who are actively bringing once secondary service in a small room in a regular tanning salon to a new level. 

Janet+Dorothy is for salons and spray tan techs who mix their own solutions and customize their tans based on their clients. 

This is for spray tanning professionals who want variety without the overhead. 

This is for the creative and brave. 

This line is for badasses like Janet and Dorothy.  Be a #bronzedbadass